8 Health Editors Share Their Cold and Flu Solutions


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Illustrated by Jason Hoffman
A chilly and flu can come on quick, however being able to deal with a couple of days of illness can get you on the up and up earlier than you realize it.
Below, Healthline editors share real-life suggestions for once they really feel a bit one thing approaching.
From what nutritional vitamins to take to how you can optimize your relaxation, you’ll be taught some new tips so as to add to your bag.
Here’s to increasing your chilly and flu instrument equipment!
Responses have been edited for brevity and readability.

Hit all of the angles

Hit all of the angles
“I come at a chilly or flu from as many angles as doable. First, I take a homeopathic treatment to shorten the period of my signs.
If it’s full-blown, I take a secure mixture of guaifenesin, pseudoephedrine, and acetaminophen all through the day.
Mainly, I sleep and keep hydrated. The first day of being sick, it’s virtually all I do.
I discovered just lately that irrespective of how sick I feel I’ll be or am, I ought to plan to take 3 days off work. Being in that limbo of making an attempt to work after I’m nonetheless feeling horrible isn’t value it, and I’ll really feel higher sooner if I let myself totally relaxation.
Giving myself permission to get well is simply as vital as taking all the suitable issues.”
—Jamie Elmer, Copy Edit Project Manager
Always speak with a healthcare skilled about what chilly and flu drugs are best for you. Do not mix drugs and not using a physician’s approval.

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Up the zinc, skip the drink

Up the zinc, skip the drink
“The second I really feel a tickle in my throat, particularly if it seems together with fatigue, a headache, or physique aches, I take a zinc lozenge and hold taking one each 3 hours or so till the signs go away.
FYI, you shouldn’t take greater than 6 zinc lozenges a day!
I additionally cease consuming alcohol and make sleep a high precedence. Most of the time, this technique wards off a bug or at the least decreases signs.
If I do find yourself getting decently sick, an extended, sizzling bathe is my go-to for feeling higher. The steam helps with congestion, and the heat relieves tense muscle tissues.”
—Ginger Wojcik, Newsletter Editor
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Not all liquids are created equal

Not all liquids are created equal
“Like most individuals, I attempt to keep away from getting sick in any respect prices if I can. That stated, when the inevitable chilly or flu does hit, hydration has been a game-changer for me.
I do know what you’re considering: “Everybody knows to drink plenty of liquid when they’re sick!”
But I name it a ‘hack’ as a result of not all liquids are created equal.
I used to drink water, ginger ale, and orange juice after I was sick. Nowadays, I alternate between water, tea, and coconut water.
I discover that, even when an sickness zaps my urge for food for a bit, correct hydration helps ease my signs and generally helps me really feel higher quicker.”
—Nadia Harris, Managing Editor

8 Health Editors Share Their Cold and Flu Solutions dietbab healthinfo

Allergies, bronchial asthma, and migraines, in addition

Allergies, bronchial asthma, and migraines, in addition
“I’ve year-round allergic reactions and bronchial asthma, so I’m responsible of often ready too lengthy to find out if my signs are related to a chilly.
If signs persist after allergy treatments, I amp up my water consumption and add a once-daily cup of natural tea — my go-to is a lemon ginger with contemporary ginger and honey.
Migraines are a standard symptom for me, so the aforementioned, along with reducing out display screen time for at the least 24 hours, work to fight complications.”
—Taneasha White, Writer and Editor

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Illustrated by Jason Hoffman

Classic treatments
“I’ve been utilizing the identical technique to get aid from chilly and flu signs for a very long time:
hen soup
tea with honey
a number of fluids
OTC ache reliever
nasal spray to open up a stuffy nostril
pseudoephedrine (the sort they hold behind the pharmacy counter)
A number of different tips embody gargling with heat saltwater to assuage a sore throat, propping myself up on a couple of pillows to get higher sleep when I’ve a cough, and making an attempt to relaxation as a lot as I can.
If these issues aren’t working or my signs worsen, I name the physician.”
—Heather Graham, Editorial Director
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Illustrated by Jason Hoffman

Handwashing, hydration, and masking up

Handwashing, hydration, and masking up
“My foremost instruments for prevention throughout chilly and flu season contain common handwashing, staying hydrated from water to soup to juice, and, particularly if I’m sick, sporting a masks when out in public areas just like the grocery retailer, college, and commuting with others.
For unhealthy signs, getting bundled up, resting, and a mug of powdered chilly and flu medication are my go-tos.”
—Candice Abellon, Senior Editor

Rest is greatest

Rest is greatest
“For me, relaxation is the first issue when coping with a chilly or flu. If I completely have to get one thing executed, I’ll take a daytime chilly medication.
If I can really simply take time without work and permit myself to relaxation, I get well a lot quicker. I virtually take into account catching a chilly or flu to be an indication I’ve been pushing myself an excessive amount of basically and that my physique is demanding I take time to calm down.
I’ve additionally discovered to not push myself too quickly if I’m beginning to really feel higher. Too typically, I really feel OK and begin again into my full routine, solely to finish up feeling worse and dragging my chilly out even longer.”
—Chrissie Moore, Editorial Director, Healthgrades

Soups and stews for later

Soups and stews for later
“When I’m starting to really feel one thing approaching, it’s an enormous favor to myself to do some easy meal planning.
I give attention to soups and stews for hearty, hydrating one-pot meals. Plus, they will simply be frozen and reheated to final for weeks.
I’m additionally an enormous fan of sipping bone broth to revive hydration and misplaced vitamins, particularly when there’s tummy bother concerned.”
—Crystal Hoshaw, Senior Associate Editor

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