Do I Have Statin Intolerance?


Statins are generally pharmaceuticals used to deal with excessive ldl cholesterol. But, signs like muscle pains, cramps, or irritation would possibly point out a statin intolerance, which can be harmful.
Cholesterol will not be unhealthy for you. The physique produces it naturally. But when the physique will get an excessive amount of ldl cholesterol out of your food regimen it turns into harmful. There are not particular ranges of “good” and “bad” ldl cholesterol that everybody ought to must be thought-about wholesome.
Each individual has completely different well being elements that decide their threat for growing coronary heart illness. Your supreme ranges of ldl cholesterol could also be completely different for another person. Your ldl cholesterol numbers, your age, different well being issues, and whether or not you smoke can even decide your supreme ldl cholesterol degree and in case you want remedy.

What are statins?

What are statins?
Statins work by blocking the enzyme that makes ldl cholesterol within the physique. Often individuals handled with statins reply nicely, and their levels of cholesterol decrease. In different cases, an individual can develop statin intolerance, which could be harmful.

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What are the signs of statin intolerance?

What are the signs of statin intolerance?
Statin intolerance happens when an individual develops unintended effects from statin use. There are completely different signs chances are you’ll expertise. The commonest is muscle pains or cramps, additionally referred to as myalgias.
You could expertise muscle irritation and an elevated marker of muscle damage referred to as creatine kinase. You could expertise these signs or related ones whereas taking statins. These signs might not be a results of the remedy, however your physician will conduct exams and get background data to seek out out.
Statins can even trigger liver and muscle toxicity. In extreme circumstances, individuals have developed rhabdomyolysis. This is a uncommon situation the place muscle cells break down within the physique. It causes extreme muscle aches and weak point by your total physique. It additionally causes darkish or cola-colored urine. This situation can result in liver harm and dying If not handled.

How is a statin intolerance identified?

How is a statin intolerance identified?
Your physician will take steps to diagnose you since statin intolerance can mimic different well being issues. Your physician could have you ever cease taking statins to see in case your signs cease after which slowly reintroduce the drug to see in case your signs return.
Your physician can also:
carry out a full medical analysis
carry out a blood take a look at to indicate if in case you have any abnormalities, equivalent to excessive ranges of creatine kinase or liver harm
evaluation of your loved ones historical past to see if others in your loved ones have statin intolerance
conduct genetic exams to see if you’re genetically susceptible to unintended effects from statins
conduct a muscle biopsy to take away a small quantity of muscle for testing
require a symptom questionnaire, the place you describe your signs
conduct a muscle power take a look at to guage the power of your muscle mass

Do I Have Statin Intolerance? dietbab healthinfo

What are the chance elements?

What are the chance elements?
Certain elements could put you at an elevated threat for statin intolerance:
80 years or older
Asian ethnicity
sure preexisting situations, equivalent to neuromuscular, kidney, or liver situations
extreme alcohol consumption
extreme train
grapefruit juice consumption

How is statin intolerance handled?

How is statin intolerance handled?
Many statin issues are associated to dosage. Your physician could scale back the quantity you take to see if it reduces your signs. They could prescribe a decrease dosage and even lower the variety of days per week you are taking your medication.
Lifestyle modifications are additionally inspired. A nutritious diet can assist decrease ldl cholesterol naturally and reduce your cardiovascular dangers.
Your physician could change which statin you’re taking. There are a number of statin choices, and you’ll have a greater response with a special sort. Your physician can also prescribe non-statin cholesterol-lowering medication.

When to speak to your physician

When to speak to your physician
You ought to discuss to your physician in case you suppose you’re experiencing statin unintended effects. A distinct remedy you’re taking might trigger unintended effects might trigger or point out an underlying situation.
Resolving your signs could also be so simple as switching your medicines. Statins are the most well-liked and efficient ldl cholesterol medication, however there are alternate options.


Statin intolerance could be very severe, so at all times discuss to your physician earlier than you cease taking your medication or taking new medicines.
High ldl cholesterol is harmful so by no means gamble relating to your remedy. Your physician can assist you determine if in case you have a statin intolerance or one other well being drawback and provide you with the most effective remedy plan.

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