What Is Occult Microscopic Endometriosis?


Occult microscopic endometriosis is a type of endometriosis that’s troublesome for docs to detect with commonplace diagnostic strategies. Symptoms embody pelvic ache that worsens earlier than or throughout your interval.
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Occult microscopic endometriosis occurs when tiny patches of endometrial tissue develop in areas exterior the uterus. Unlike commonplace endometriosis, which docs can see once they look inside your pelvis, occult microscopic endometriosis could be very troublesome to detect.
In medication, “occult” means “hidden.”
This article discusses occult microscopic endometriosis, its signs, how docs diagnose it, and its remedy choices.

What is occult microscopic endometriosis?

What is occult microscopic endometriosis?
Occult microscopic endometriosis occurs when tiny, microscopic patches of endometrial tissue develop exterior the uterus. These patches aren’t seen throughout typical diagnostic procedures.
Research on microscopic endometriosis is proscribed. Some analysis has proven the presence of microscopic endometrial lesions in tissue samples.
These tiny lesions might be current in folks with seen endometriosis and people with no seen signs of the situation.
Occult microscopic endometriosis would possibly trigger signs just like typical endometriosis, however analysis is simply too restricted to know for positive.
People with no signs of endometriosis can have tissue samples that check optimistic for microscopic endometriosis. This means it’s doable that signs like pelvic ache and extreme interval cramps might be unrelated to those microscopic lesions.
But in a single examine from 2013, girls with seen endometriosis had been extra prone to even have occult microscopic endometriosis within the pelvic cavity than girls with out the situation.

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Symptoms of occult microscopic endometriosis

Symptoms of occult microscopic endometriosis
A 2020 examine seemed on the incidence of occult microscopic endometriosis in 142 folks with continual pelvic ache and no seen endometriosis within the peritoneum throughout laparoscopy. The examine discovered that about 39% had occult microscopic endometriosis.
This might point out that occult microscopic endometriosis causes continual pelvic ache. This ache could also be ongoing or worsen earlier than or throughout your durations.
Some folks may additionally expertise different signs typical of endometriosis, resembling:
extreme interval cramps
blood in urine or stool
heavy bleeding during times
ache with intercourse or bowel actions

Diagnosing occult microscopic endometriosis

Diagnosing occult microscopic endometriosis
The gold-standard diagnostic protocol for endometriosis is laparoscopy, with affirmation from tissue evaluation. During a laparoscopy, your physician makes use of an instrument referred to as a laparoscope to have a look at your belly cavity, pelvis, organs, and peritoneum.
Surgeons sometimes take tissue samples from areas the place they see endometrial lesions. If you have got occult microscopic endometriosis in different areas, it’s troublesome in your surgeon to find out which tissue to pattern.
More thorough testing for microscopic endometriosis might embody random tissue sampling of your pelvic cavity. It may additionally embody superior laparoscopic strategies that permit for higher visualization of endometrial lesions. These strategies, which can be unavailable as we speak, might embody:
5-aminolevulinic acid-induced fluorescence
autofluorescence imaging
narrow-band imaging
indocyanine inexperienced near-infrared imaging
3D laparoscopy

What Is Occult Microscopic Endometriosis? dietbab healthinfo

Treatment choices for occult microscopic endometriosis

Treatment choices for occult microscopic endometriosis
Your physician might suggest remedy in the event that they consider occult microscopic endometriosis is inflicting your ache or different signs.
Hormone remedy
Hormone-regulating remedy might help sluggish the expansion of endometrial lesions and forestall new ones from forming.
There are several types of hormone-regulating drugs, together with:
gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists and antagonists
aromatase inhibitors
hormonal contraceptives
Surgical interventions
During a laparoscopy, surgeons can take away or destroy seen endometrial patches. This might help relieve the signs of endometriosis in some folks.
The proven fact that endometriosis typically comes again within the years following surgical procedure means that some cells could also be left behind.
Depending on the situation of your endometriosis, surgical procedures might embody:
excision or ablation throughout laparoscopy
bowel resection
resection of scar tissue
Pain administration
If you expertise extreme signs like ache, your physician might prescribe drugs resembling ibuprofen and naproxen sodium to assist ease them.

Frequently requested questions

Frequently requested questions
Here are some frequent questions on occult microscopic endometriosis:
Can you have got common endometriosis and occult microscopic endometriosis?
It’s doable to have common endometriosis and occult microscopic endometriosis. There could be a barely increased incidence of occult microscopic endometriosis in folks with seen endometriosis than in these with out it.
Can occult microscopic endometriosis have an effect on fertility?
There’s no proof that occult microscopic endometriosis has any impact on fertility. But, common, seen endometriosis can contribute to infertility.
Can occult microscopic endometriosis trigger endometriosis to recur after surgical procedure?
Researchers consider microscopic endometrial lesions are biologically lively and may retain their development potential, probably resulting in the recurrence of endometriosis after surgical procedure.


Occult microscopic endometriosis means endometriosis that isn’t seen with commonplace diagnostic strategies like laparoscopy.
Research into occult microscopic endometriosis is proscribed, however folks with and with out seen endometriosis have reported instances of it.
Growths which can be harder to see are additionally tougher to check for and deal with.

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