Wisp Review 2023: Birth Control, UTIs, STIs and More


We tried Wisp and found that it’s a convenient option for birth control delivery and other wellness needs.
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A quick look at products and services from Wisp

A quick look at products and services from Wisp
birth control
sexual health products
Services and consultations
sexual wellness
other wellness services
Wisp is a telehealth company that provides access to care surrounding sexual health and wellness needs. This may include:
reproductive health
sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
STI treatment
One factor that can prevent people from seeking necessary medical care is the stigma of discussing sexual issues. Wisp can help, providing convenient access to sexual health and wellness needs, such as:
birth control
infection treatment
sexual health products
Along with other services, Wisp aims to provide fast, accessible, and affordable medication and treatment for health issues. We’ll look at how well Wisp cares for urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections, and STIs. We’ll also examine the service’s testing capacities and help you determine whether they can rival a trip to the doctor’s office.
Wisp is a subscription-based telehealth company that says it focuses on cutting through the sometimes complicated processes of healthcare to provide lower-cost treatment options for matters affecting sexual and reproductive health.

What our tester thought of Wisp

What our tester thought of Wisp
expert senior SEO associate Sydney Hanan tested Wisp and happily reports she would recommend the company.
“Wisp was a very convenient way to get my birth control prescription refilled and delivered. Normally, I would go to an OB-GYN or nurse practitioner to get my prescription, and then I would go to a pharmacy every month to pick it up,” Hanan says.
But she found that Wisp saved her time, and she liked that she could arrange delivery from the comfort of home.
Although Wisp offers 15 different birth control pills, Hanan notes that Wisp “does not seem to offer other forms of birth control, for those who prefer other options, like the patch, ring, or shot.”
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Overall, she found Wisp a good fit for anyone looking for a convenient way to get birth control prescribed, delivered, or both.
“It probably helped that I have been on birth control for years and already know what works well for me,” she adds.

Wisp Review 2023: Birth Control, UTIs, STIs and More dietbab healthinfo

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How does Wisp work?
Wisp is a good fit for anyone looking for a convenient way to get birth control prescribed and delivered, Hanan says.
Not only does Wisp give you a lot of control over how you get different medications, but the platform also allows you to select what’s right for you, delivering it to you within a set time frame. This time frame may be adjusted to suit your preferences.
You have what can easily get you access to medication using a:
mobile phone
another electronic device with internet access and a camera
Hanan says it’s easy to sign up for Wisp.
“I filled out my information online, first creating an account, answering some onboarding questions, confirming my identity with a picture of myself and my driver’s license, and answering questions about my medical history,” she explains.
The whole onboarding and questionnaire step took around 14 minutes, and she says you’ll need to provide a blood pressure reading.
The consensus among Wisp reviewers is that the platform, very simply, works.
Wisp also allows you to contact a qualified pharmacist or their medical team anytime during the day. This means you can discuss any questions or concerns about your medication or condition.
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“My online portal provided me with updates on my order and connected me with other products and services that Wisp offers if I wanted them,” she says. “I also began receiving text message updates.”
Next, a doctor reviews the order.
“The online portal said this part could take 3 to 5 hours, but my order was approved after 7 minutes,” Hanan says.
Then, Wisp processes the order. Hanan chose to have her order shipped to her rather than picking it up at a pharmacy.
“Shipping was discreet, and the only branding on the box was its colors and Wisp’s nondescript triangle logo,” she says. “Even the return address label was discreet, with the sender listed as ‘Kate Wisplet.’”
For Hanan, shipping took 2 business days (4 days if counting the weekend) from the time she placed her order to the time she received it.

How much does Wisp cost?

How much does Wisp cost?
Wisp prices vary according to what you’re looking to treat. You can buy many medications and treatments à la carte or a monthly subscription to certain products and services, like birth control or telehealth visits.
The pricing for a one-time purchase from Wisp is typically higher than what you would pay at a pharmacy. However, if you want to sign up for a subscription, your monthly price may be comparable to buying from your local pharmacy, especially if you use a prescription discount service.
Here are some estimates for pricing for different treatments from Wisp. These prices are accurate as of the date of publication.
Vaginal infections
To manage vaginal conditions, Wisp offers medications like:
Metronidazole: This antibiotic is used to treat pelvic inflammatory disease and BV, costing $65 for a one-time purchase or $45 per quarter. In gel form, the cost of metronidazole goes up to $108 for a one-time purchase or $30 a month ($90 per quarter).
Fluconazole: This medication can treat fungal and yeast infections. The 150-milligram (mg) option costs $15 a month if you want a subscription, or $65 if you just want to buy it once.
Urinary tract infections
Wisp provides several treatment options for UTIs, including:
Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (Bactrim): This antibiotic is used to treat UTIs and costs $65.
Nitrofurantoin: This UTI treatment is also $65.
These two treatments are what doctors typically prescribe for what are sometimes referred to as “uncomplicated UTIs.” These are UTIs that occur in otherwise healthy, nonpregnant people with a vagina.
Birth control pills
Since birth control pills need to be taken consistently for as long as you would like to decrease your chance of pregnancy, Wisp offers monthly subscription plans. These range from $5 to $29 a month, depending on how far you would like to pay in advance, how much you need, and how you would like them delivered.
For example, Yaz, a popular type of birth control, will run you:
$8 for a 1-month supply sent to your local pharmacy
$5 a month for a 3-month supply sent to your local pharmacy
$19 a month to have Wisp deliver it to you
Herpes treatments
If you discover painful blisters around your mouth, lips, throat, or groin, this could mean you’re experiencing symptoms of herpes.
To help manage this condition, Wisp has several treatment options available at various prices. These include:
Acyclovir: This is $65 for one-off medication or $10 a month for repeat deliveries.
Valacyclovir: This costs $15 a month. It may also be taken daily for recurring cases at $20 a month.
Both medications are taken when outbreaks occur, and they cause similar side effects. However, valacyclovir tends to be prescribed more frequently.

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