Your Guide to Protein S Deficiency and Its Treatment


Protein S deficiency may cause extreme blood clotting in some folks. Depending on the severity, remedy with blood thinners could also be obligatory.
Protein S deficiency is a uncommon situation that causes blood to clot too simply. Protein S is one in all a number of proteins that helps cease your blood from making too many blood clots.
Protein S deficiency may be gentle or extreme. Some folks inherit protein S deficiency, and others develop it because of one other situation.
Without remedy, protein S deficiency can result in critical and even deadly issues. Treatment is often blood thinning treatment, and the doses, period, and precise treatment can all differ, and never everybody may have them.

How frequent is protein S deficiency?

How frequent is protein S deficiency?
A protein S deficiency is uncommon. Mild protein S deficiency is extra frequent than extreme protein S deficiency.
Mild protein S deficiency happens in about 1 in each 700 folks. The precise price of extreme protein S deficiency is unknown.

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What causes protein S deficiency

What causes protein S deficiency
Protein S deficiency is attributable to a change or mutation to the PROS1 gene. Sometimes, that is an inherited mutation. Protein S deficiency passes down in households. Inherited mutation on the PROS1 gene from one guardian leads to gentle protein S deficiency. Inheriting it from each mother and father leads to extreme protein S deficiency.
Protein S deficiency will also be acquired. This means it may happen when one thing causes a change to your PROS1 gene. This can occur because of:
kidney illness
liver illness
nephrotic syndrome
vitamin Ok deficiency
contraception drugs
being pregnant
surgical procedure
Can COVID trigger protein S deficiency?
Protein S deficiencies have lengthy been linked with infections. COVID-19 has been linked to an elevated danger of blood clots and different thrombotic situations from the early days of the pandemic.
As extra details about the COVID-19 an infection has turn into clear, research reported protein S deficiency in sufferers with COVID-19. Further analysis is required.
As with most issues associated to COVID-19, this information continues to be new and nonetheless evolving. But present proof appears to recommend that COVID-19 might have a hyperlink to protein S deficiencies.
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Symptoms of protein S deficiency

Symptoms of protein S deficiency
One of the most typical signs of a protein S deficiency is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is an often-painful clot that varieties within the legs. It may cause swelling and might improve the danger of a critical situation known as a pulmonary embolism, which happens happens when the arteries that provide blood to your lungs turn into blocked by a clot.
A protein S deficiency may trigger blood clots throughout being pregnant, and youngsters with extreme protein S have an elevated stroke danger.

Your Guide to Protein S Deficiency and Its Treatment dietbab healthinfo

Diagnosis and exams for protein S deficiency

Diagnosis and exams for protein S deficiency
Diagnosing a protein S deficiency is predicated totally on taking a look at your signs, medical historical past, and household medical historical past. Blood work can assist affirm the prognosis. Typically, a health care provider will suspect a protein S deficiency when you’ve got:
developed repeated blood clots
a household historical past of blood clots
a blood clot earlier than age 50 with out a clear trigger
a venous thrombosis in a non-standard place like your liver, intestines, or mind
Bloodwork will search for the exercise degree of protein S and particular enzymes in your blood. You may also have molecular genetic testing to substantiate a prognosis by searching for the mutation within the PROS1 gene, however this check isn’t all the time a part of the usual prognosis course of.

Treatment choices for protein S deficiency

Treatment choices for protein S deficiency
Treatment for a protein S deficiency can differ. For occasion, when you’ve got a protein S deficiency however haven’t had a blood clot, you won’t want remedy in any respect except your circumstances change.
Some individuals who’ve by no means had blood clots however who’ve a protein S deficiency want remedy solely at sure instances, like in the event that they’re going to have surgical procedure, or they’re injured.
If you might have a protein S deficiency and skilled blood clots, blood thinners are the most typical treatment alternative. This consists of choices like heparin and warfarin. The precise blood thinner, and the precise dose will rely upon you and on how your physique reacts to the treatment.
How is protein S deficiency handled in being pregnant?
People who’ve a protein S deficiency typically require extra remedy throughout being pregnant. Often, which means that individuals who don’t sometimes must obtain blood thinner remedy for his or her gentle protein S deficiency might want to take a blood thinner throughout being pregnant.
It may imply that individuals who already take a blood thinner may want to extend their dose or change their treatment. This is finished to stop miscarriage, so it’s vital to debate the very best choices for remedy along with your physician if are pregnant and have protein S deficiency.


Protein S deficiency is a uncommon situation that causes the blood to clot too rapidly. It can result in blood clots and DVT.
Some folks inherit this situation. Others develop it because of one other situation, like an an infection, kidney illness, or liver illness.
Treatment for Protein S deficiency varies. People who don’t expertise blood clots typically solely want remedy in particular cases, like earlier than surgical procedure or throughout being pregnant. People who do expertise blood clots are most frequently handled with blood thinners.
The outlook for protein S deficiency may differ. The situation is persistent for folks with inherited protein S deficiency, however can typically be resolved utterly for individuals who acquired the situation because of one other situation.

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